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Bruce Bridegroom Law Offices offer comprehensive bankruptcy servicing solutions for consumer and business debtors.


Filing for bankruptcy protection could be the best financial decision you have ever made. The preparation of your Arizona bankruptcy petition can be a complicated process with many potential pitfalls.  The bankruptcy law firm of Bruce Bridegroom offers free bankruptcy consultation for all Arizona chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors.

Chapter 7 Petition Services

With your help we will prepare and file your Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition with the US Bankruptcy Court.

Chapter 13 Petition Services

With your help we will prepare and file your Chapter 13 petition with the US Bankruptcy Court, keeping your Chapter 13 plan payments as low as legally possible.

Stopping Foreclosure with Bankruptcy

We can help you stop foreclosure and catch up on delinquent mortgage payments through a Chapter 13 proceeding. If you are months behind on your house payments, you can still save your home through Chapter 13.

Stopping garnishments

We can stop wage garnishments so that you receive the full paycheck you need.

Stopping IRS Levies

We can stop IRS levies and also stop the accumulation of interest and penalties by means of a Chapter 13 plan.

Scrape off of second mortgage

We can "Scrape Off" your second mortgage through a Chapter 13 proceeding provided that your home appraises for less than what is owed on your first mortgage.

Saving Small Business's

Is your business being choked by excessive debt? We can help save your business by means of a Chapter 13 proceeding which will reduce your debts to affordable amounts.

Our Fee Policy

Our firm has been serving Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Debtors for over 40 years. We are well aware that people confronted with financial problems don’t have much money. We do not charge by the hour and our fees our lower than those charged by any other Tucson attorney. We also will charge less for clients who are truly indigent.


Because our fees are the lowest in town does not mean that you will be receiving less in services.


Our attorneys are knowledgeable, professional, and more experienced than all others. We have filed more bankruptcies than any other Tucson firm, yet our rates have always been the lowest. We feel a commitment to do our best job for each and every client.


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Commonly asked questions

Can I Save My Business?

Bruce Bridegroom has filed bankruptcy proceedings for thousands of businesses. He can analyze your business and will be able to tell you how to eliminate debts that may be hindering your business progress or development and can make suggestions about how your business can be saved and/or improved.

How are Fees Based?

In almost all cases we will quote you a flat fee. Bankruptcy cases are routine for us. We will usually meet with you for an initial free consultation and quote you our fee which will almost always be the total amount you will have to pay. We will then set up a second appointment at which time you will provide us with all of the information we will need. We will set a date for you to sign your documents and then file the documents.

What about confidentiality?

Once you come to our office and agree to be our client, the attorney-client privilege begins. We will not share your confidential information with anyone except as required by bankruptcy law without your permission.

Is There a Court Hearing?

Your Court hearing will then take place approximately 45 days after your case has been filed. Bruce will attend the hearing with you. Our flat rate fee will include these services and more.

Why Should I Choose the Law Office of Bruce Bridegroom?

You should choose the Law Offices of Bruce Bridegroom because you will be selecting the most experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson with the most reasonable prices and the best services.

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